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The Most Beautiful Agony You'll Ever Experience

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A World-Class Extreme-Terrain Mud Obstacle Challenge

5 Miles. Over 30 Obstacles. 1,200 Vertical Feet...

...thousands of rocks, stumps, creek beds, ravines and cliffs.

Mud Guts and Glory is an extreme mud obstacle run combining 5 miles of the most demanding terrain Mother Nature and Father Time have created with over 30 of the most intimidating (and fun) man-made obstacles you've ever faced. This treacherous course takes you on a journey over steep hills, deep ravines, and tree-tangled creek beds. Uniquely presented in 5 distinct and challenging stages, MGG is perfectly suited for expert and novice alike, allowing you to choose your own distance and exit point to challenge your unique limits, fitness level and endurance...and your tolerance for beautiful agony.

All proceeds from every Mud Guts and Glory event support charitable Outdoor Adventure Camp programs run at King's Domain during the year - each focused on equipping and empowering kids, college students, and adults throughout Ohio.

Stage 1

  • Double Break: Start with a tough climb with a rope assist
  • Power Wall: You're not at the top until you've been up the ramp and across the Power Pole platform
  • Mud Bog: Weigh down those feet with a romp through mud
  • Bouncy Bridge: It looks like an easy crossing until you hit it and it starts bouncing, particularly if there are a few other people trying to cross
  • Logger's Revenge: Lots of logs to cross that the MGG crew left behind when he was clearing trail
  • Tunnel Hop: You get the easy route at this 4-way crossing
  • Rope Burn Jr.: A bit too steep of a drop to do without a rope assist
  • Mudslide: Slide on your back down a 10 yard muddy hill into a mud pit
  • Mini Monkeys: You need to hit every bar to say you succeeded on this one
  • Tunnel Through: Crawl under as your mud buddies cross above
  • Mud Vert Wall: Just what it says, with rope assist if you need it
  • Mud Mountain: Crawl up a mountain of mud and wave to the people at the starting line - you're a mile in now...
  • Electric Mud Crawl: Belly crawl 20 yards under shock wires
  • Monkey Business: A crazy down then up Gorilla Bar crossing over mud
  • Over/Under Mud Bog: A series of overs and unders that will definitely get you muddy
  • Tubes: 2 sets of 20' tubes 30" in diameter - into mud/water then back out
  • Castle Wall: Military style high wall over 20' high to see the full field of action behind you as you enter the woods
  • Selah Bridge Culvert Crawl: Crawl through one of the culverts under the bridge

Stage 2

  • Spider Ladder Drill: Navigate a spider web of ropes 12" off the ground on an incline
  • The Strainer: Make your way through the twisted branches across the trail
  • Over/Under: Logs to climb over and crawl under - barbed wire keeps you from going around this one
  • Sternum Checker: A military style obstacle with a jump from one log to the next, then a leap onto your mid (or is it mud) section to pull yourself over

Stage 3

  • David vs. Goliath: After steep hill climb, shoot paintballs with a wrist rocket to hit the target - 3 tries to hit Goliath in the forehead
  • Heavy Duty: Log carry through the woods
  • Ring My Bell: Climb 15' rope to ring bell
  • Mt. Kill-a-man: Climb up steep hill with rope assist, or use trees in more open area which is just as steep

Stage 4

  • Chutes & Ladders: Scramble down ravine ~ 200' to creek bed
  • Leeann's Insanity: Very steep climb
  • Life's a Drag: Beam drag along dirt road
  • Heavy Feet: 100' of mud trail.

Stage 5

  • The Weaver: Military-style obstacle forcing you to alternate going over and under the parallel bars - there's a technique for this so do your homework!
  • Rope Tow: Near vertical drop off ridge assisted by ropes
  • Pinnacle Hill: Near vertical climb back up to ridge with vertical/inverted face at top with rope assists
  • Downhill Slip-n-Slide to Finish Line: Everyone finishes (regardless of stage) with an extreme slip-n-slide into a mud pit, followed by a 100 yard run to the finish line.

An Inspiring Mission... inspire & empower kids through outdoor experiences and challenges.

Mud Guts and Glory was inspired by the year-round efforts of Kings Domain to create outdoor experiences that empower and build self-confidence, pushing individual boundaries to accomplish new objectives.

Mud Guts and Glory takes the traditional mud obstacle event to a whole new level, combining Mother Nature's most extreme terrain together with a series of permanent man-made obstacles on a multi-stage course that allows participants to return time and again to push themselves to the next level.


Domainia X

Domainia X provides every camper with “X-periential” mentoring from an inspiring group of counselors made up of successful college students from across the country. Each camper forms a special bond with their counselors and gains confidence and increased self-worth from a program filled with goal-setting, acheivement and self-discovery in one of the most exciting Summer Camp settings in the Midwest.


@ccelerate is a two-week counselor-in-training program for 16-18 year-olds interested in improving the lives of at-risk children. Working alongside counselors from colleges and universities nationwide, Accelerate allows students to serve and inspire children from the Cincinnati area, gaining invaluable leadership experience and taking part in a series of life-affirming activities and peer-to-peer discussions with more experienced college student mentors.

All Skill-Levels

Passion. The one word that best describes each and every participant that comes to MGG. That is why we designed a scalable course that could test the endurance of the most elite athlete, while also allowing the novice to equally test their abilities regardless of their fitness level, skills or age. While the rugged terrain, daunting obstacles and over 1,200 vertical feet of climbing undoubtedly represents a world class extreme mud obstacle course, the 4 optional early exit points allow athletes to customize their challenge to meet their own capabilities.

5 Stages

Stage one is 1.5 miles with 18 obstacles. Perfect if you're just starting this sport or wanting to see what this is all about. Stages 2-5 add 3-5 obstacles and 0.5-1.0 miles per stage. Push yourself to your own limits, and come back again to this permanent course to best your last performance.

Fun for All Ages

MGG was built on the 120 acres that make up the Kings Domain outdoor campground and retreat. As a result, we have gone to great lengths to make sure an MGG weekend provides activities for the entire family. We offer Day Camp and a Family Mud Obstacle Course that allows even the most conservative athlete a fun and challenging experience. Each event also provides a variety of spectator locations throughout the course so you can watch friends and family achieve their goals and help celebrate their Glory! After the run, enjoy Glory Village with food, drinks, vendors, and music. MGG is a perfect family getaway.

Stay Onsite at MGG...

...a range of onsite accommodations options to make your weekend the perfect OCR getaway.

King's Domain, the home of Mud Guts and Glory, is offering onsite accommodations for all 2015 MGG events. Buffet-style meals will be offered in the King's Lodge, a gathering spot equipped with a fireplace and access to Wi-Fi. Other campfire sites are also available for use on the property. Housing is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Simply choose where you would like to stay — pending availability — and select either the Friday Package or the Weekend Package.

All housing options include 7am - 11pm access to the King's Lodge with Wi-Fi and fireplace

Meal Times:

  • Friday Dinner : 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday breakfast: 6:00-7:30 a.m.
  • Saturday dinner: 6:00 p.m.
  • Sunday breakfast: 7:30-8:30 a.m.


  • Friday package: includes Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast
  • Weekend package: includes Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast

MGG Cottages

  • 2 Bedroom cottages sleep up to 6 guests
  • Private bathroom
  • Kitchen w/ refrigerator, microwave & sink
  • Living room with couch, table & chairs
  • Private patio
  • Heat and A/C
  • Friday Package: $83/person
  • Weekend Package: $166/person

MGG Dorms

  • Separate men's and women's quarters, each with a large room containing 13 bunk beds
  • Men's and women's bathroom with showers
  • Heat and A/C
  • Large deck overlooking the MGG terrain
  • Friday Package: $68/person
  • Weekend Package: $136/person

MGG Cabins

  • 12 cabins each equipped with 6 bunks to sleep up to 12 guests (will be separated by gender unless entire cabin reserved by a single group)
  • There is no kitchen, running water, toilet or kitchenette
  • Separate men's and women's bathhouses
  • Space heaters available
  • Friday Package: $48/person
  • Weekend Package: $96/person

MGG Tent Camping

  • Flat tent sites on grass near King's Lodge
  • Includes access to separate men's and women's bathhouses
  • Friday Package: $38/person
  • Weekend Package: $76/person

Training at MGG...


OVERVIEW:Mud Guts and Glory and the crew at King's Domain are teaming up to provide large groups of 50 people or more the opportunity lease the world-class MGG course and the expansive on-site facilities to host training days, workshops, corporate events and/or other group team-building activities. Events are customized to meet the need of the group and prices will vary based upon activities, personnel requirements and access to the facilities. For more information, please inquire here.

Volunteer for the MGG and save... 100% off your next MGG registration!

"THE MOST AMAZING VOLUNTEERS I have EVER encountered at a race."
- Heather Gannoe, Relentless Forward Commotion

From day one, Mud Guts and Glory has defined itself as a world-class event, not only by the terrain we offered athletes, but by the quality of the people that have helped us create this incredible OCR environment. The fact is, Mud Guts and Glory could not operate without the incredible people that make up its MGG Crew of volunteers.

OVERVIEW: Our MGG Volunteer Crew will be comprised of over 150+ volunteers who are dedicated to making MGG the best mud obstacle events of 2015. If you'd like to join the Crew and become a part of the enthusiasm, excitement, and encouragement that sets each MGG event apart, register below and bring your friends!


May 23

  • Saturday - 7 am to 4:30 pm

Volunteer Swag: Every volunteer will receive the following goodies:

  • MGG Crew T-Shirt
  • Lunch
  • Volunteers working a one-day shift will receive a 100% discount towards a future MGG event
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MGG Event Information

Register today for the next MGG OCR event:

Frequently Asked Questions...

Please Note: If you are under 18 years old and coming alone, you will need to contact us and get a waiver before you arrive -- to be signed by a parent or legal guardian. If your parent is coming to MGG with you you can fill it out on-site.

Getting Here

  • Arrive Early:
    Please plan to arrive 60 minutes before your Wave time to allow you time to check-in, register and prepare for the race.
  • Address:
    King's Domain is located at 5778 State Route 350, Oregonia, OH 45054 (Google Map) - Parking is 1/2 mile from this location at Fort Ancient State Memorial 6123 State Route 350
  • Parking:
    Parking for MGG is off-site and will cost $10 (cash only - no credit card accepted)Parking is located beyond the entrance to King's Domain -- you will continue driving past the King's Domain sign and follow the Parking Signs. We encourage you to car pool to save money on parking
  • Bags Inside the Park:
    While we do allow you to bring bags onto the property, we can not be responsible for any personal property and thus recommend that you keep your bags to a minimum and favor bags that allow you to zip and/or lock your items. There will be a bag drop as a courtesy to all participants, but space is limited and you will still want to secure your belongings inside a sturdy fully zipped/locked bag.
  • Shuttle Bus:
    Bring your bag to the Bus Pick-up to continue to Check-in (2 min drive)


  • Bus Into MGG:
    After a 2 minute bus ride, you will be dropped off on-site. Follow the signs to the Registration Area.
  • Waivers:
    All visitors must sign a waiver. Please follow the signs to the Waiver Tent. You will need to bring your signed Waiver to the Registration Desk. All visitors must physically sign a Waiver on-site.
  • Check-In:
    You will need to bring one form of identification to check-in. You will receive your bib, a t-shirt and other information at check-in.
  • Marker Tent:
    After checking in, you will follow the signs to the Marker Area.
  • Bag Drop:
    After the Marker Tent you will proceed through Glory Village to a Bag Drop area where one of the MGG staff will check-in your bag. This tent will be supervised at all time.
  • Start Line:
    After dropping off your bag, you will follow the pathway and the sign to the Starting Area.

The MGG Course

  • The Course:
    The MGG course is comprised of 5 miles of extreme terrain with lots of rocks, creeks, vines and steep muddy obstacles. Many of the obstacles are built using logs, ropes, natural wood and other rough materials, so you will want to wear the appropriate clothing, gloves and shoes.
  • Five Exits:
    The MGG course is split into 5 stages, each marked with a banner. You will have the option of exiting the course at any of these Stage Markers. Remember, MGG is about the individual experience, so you should tailor the course to best fit your fitness and skill level.
  • Trail Markers:
    All trails will be marked with logs and/or ribbon, and there will be MGG Crew members scattered throughout to assist you in navigating the course and completing each obstacle.
  • Water Stations:
    There will be water stations throughout the course providing you with adequate hydration. However, you can also carry your own water if your prefer.
  • Bug Spray:
    MGG is in the woods and as such there a lot of flying insects. We recommend that you bring bug spray to protect yourself from our flying friends.
  • The Finish Line:
    Cross the Finish Line, grab your Finisher Medal and a drink and head to Glory Village.

Maximize Your MGG Experience

  • What should I wear?
    Depending on the forecast...we suggest erring on the lighter side since you'll be constantly moving the entire time and then have something very warm waiting for you at the finish. The last thing you want is extra baggage to carry around the course if you begin to overheat. Here's a quick list of what we'd suggest wearing: a). a good pair of trail running shoes with a mesh upper for drainage, b). a light wicking performance t-shirt, c). A good pair of nylon socks, d). running shorts or compression shorts, e). gloves, and f). arm sleeves/calf sleeves (optional, but these are the one item that can be easily stored or rolled down while racing if you get too hot)
  • Glory Village:
    Enjoy the shaded picnic area, vendor tents, food and fun. There will also be picnic tables and plenty of shade.
  • Bring Cash:
    All vendors will require cash, so bring cash for food and drinks on-site.
  • Hose Station:
    There will be fresh water hoses available to rinse off.
  • Changing Area:
    There will be a male and a female tent provided to be used for changing into fresh clothes following your race.
  • Bus Back to Parking:
    When you are ready to leave, there will be buses provided to take you back to the parking area. The last bus will leave at 6:30PM.

Contact Us

To learn more about Mud Guts and Glory events:

Hotel Accommodations

Mud Guts and Glory (Kings Domain, Inc.)
5778 State Route 350
Oregonia, OH 45054
Office (513) 932-5507
Fax (513) 934-5506

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