How Social Media Affects Our Youth

How Social Media Affects Our Youth And What Can We Do About It

One cannot deny that social media has become part of the people’s daily lives, especially among the younger generation who use these sites for social connectedness. The researchers showed how students used Facebook to maintain contact with family and friends. When used properly, social media can enhance human connections. These social media sites allow a person to express himself and share his feelings through his posts. However, the researchers also pointed out the risks in using Facebook and other social media networking sites. These sites become channels for spreading gossips and feeding ugly rumors. Despite these perceptions, they still felt the need to share information to get approval from their peers and get a larger social audience.

Still, a more serious threat is the invasion of privacy. They become vulnerable to hacking, phishing, and harassment. Thus, there is a need for users to change their attitudes like being vigilant and careful in sharing information in these social networking sites.

When the youth depend so much on the perception of other people about them, this could lead to anxiety and depression.

There is a need to teach the younger generation about being responsible and cautious social media users so that they can enjoy its benefits without putting themselves at risk. Or better yet, we should take them away from their smartphones and gadgets and encourage them to engage in a different world outside of the virtual reality that they are living in. They can join camps and retreats designed for the youth so that they can discover their potentials, hone their skills and talents, and meet other kids their age. The best way for the youth to escape the negative effects of social networking sites is for them to live a life away from the internet and start living in the true world.