It’s That Time of the Year for Mud, Guts and Glory

Are you ready to face the challenge of Mud, Guts, and Glory? Are you ready to get down and dirty?

Do you have what it takes to be this year’s obstacle course racing champion? A lot of guts is all you need to attain that ultimate high, the glory of being the winner of this year’s most anticipated race. Be warned that we have made it more challenging this time around so you better come prepared.

Welcome to the website of Mud, Guts, and Glory! This is the annual obstacle course racing that has become a tradition for many people and an attraction for the state of Ohio. Each year, the obstacles become increasingly more difficult as the race is designed to challenge not only the body but also the mind and spirit of all those who dare to join the race. This is not your ordinary race. We challenge you to take on our intense trails. In Mud, Guts, and Glory, we go off the beaten path, over the creek, and into the woods for the challenge of a lifetime.

Mud, Guts, and Glory is brought to you by King’s Domain. King’s Domain is a nonprofit organization that serves at-risk urban youth. King’s Domain is a social center in Ohio that offers retreats, conferences, and camps. They design activities and training for youth development and enhance their leadership skills. Their clients are the urban youth who are dealing with issues of poverty, social challenges, family problems, and those who struggle with anxiety and depression due to exposure to violence.

Mud, Guts, and Glory started as part of King’s Domain’s youth camp activities to hone participants to be the best they can be. They had to overcome the obstacles presented to them by using all their physical, mental, emotional, and social skills in their arsenal to make it to the end of the race. King Domain did this to help at-risk urban youth defy the challenges that they are facing in their lives. They saw the need to toughen them up with the right skills and values so that they can thrive in this life. King Domain has made the muddy pathways and trails a world-class venue and permanent obstacle course.

Browse through our website to see our photo galleries and videos for the past events so that you can relive the moment or have an idea of what Md, Guts, and Glory is all about. Be updated with the latest news about this most anticipated obstacle course racing of the year. You can register here if you wish to participate in our event.

Our website also features blogs and research about different issues concerning the youth of today. This is our way of spreading awareness about the challenges that they face and how families, schools, churches, and society, in general, can help them overcome these adversaries so that they can become the best version of themselves.

On July 2018, be sure to go out of your garage doors in Phoenix and join us for this exciting event. See you there!