“MGG is the Disney World of obstacle racing. If you consider yourself a connoisseur, this is one of those magical places you must visit in your OCR career because there is nowhere else in the world quite like it. Permanent location, continuously added obstacles, amazing people, amazing cause… Do yourself a favor and get yourself there.”

Junyong Pak
Spartan Race world champion (2013) + Two-time World’s Toughest Mudder champion (2011, 2012)


“I was blown away by what they had accomplished there and the heart and dedication they had put into creating a legitimate race. Not to mention, they had one of the hardest obstacles I’ve ever encountered: a delightfully long and super steep monkey bars/salmon ladder/cage. Talk about grip strength.”

Amelia Boone
Spartan Race world champion (2013) + Two-time World’s Toughest Mudder champion (2012, 2014)


“There are many reasons why we chose MGG to host the first two world championships for the sport of obstacle course racing. Included among them is having one of the best courses in the United States, which is only surpassed by the attentiveness and dedication of their staff and volunteers.”

Adrian Bijanada
Founder, OCR World Championships


“I have had the wonderful opportunity to race at MGG twice now, and each time was truly been an unforgettable experience, filled with great hospitality, welcoming volunteers and staff, and of course, a fun but killer course that pushed me to my limit. The terrain was challenging and contained all the characteristics of a true obstacle course — some killer hills, innovative obstacles, and plenty of mud! I am very much looking forward to racing at MGG in 2015!”

Corinna Coffin
Team BattleFrog


“MGG is OCR perfection…. From the technical terrain, to the diabolical Gauntlet, MGG will challenge athletes at any level, including elites. They use unique obstacles, original to their course, and they take full advantage of nature-created course, as proven with their one-of-a-kind Pinnacle Hill… And most importantly, this stationary course is run by the most pleasant staff in the industry, hands down.”

Charles “Jazz” Vassallo
Elite OCR athlete


“…they showed us how they cared through their hearts. That was evident with the quality of the obstacles, the challenge of the course, the staff’s willingness to listen, and the love, care, and commitment that we felt from every volunteer. We highly recommend you check them out…”

Matt B. Davis
Co-Founder, Obstacle Racing Media


“Mud Guts & Glory (MGG) was my first real obstacle race and keeps me coming back for each event they run or host. The terrain and unique obstacles attract quality competition and are exactly what you would expect from a championship course. For example, The Gauntlet provides both participants and spectators with a series of back-to-back challenges and quality entertainment. And I love how MGG events directly support the mission of King’s Domain.”

Chris Schapman
Relentless OCR


“Mud Guts & Glory is one of my favorite races ever! It has everything you would want: innovative and challenging obstacles, beautiful scenery, a well-marked course, and fabulous volunteers. If that isn’t enough, Mud Guts & Glory was established to further the missions of King’s Domain, one of which is to help inner-city kids. The gracious and generous spirit is felt throughout the entire MGG experience and this is a must-do race for all OCR enthusiasts.”

Jeff Cain
On My Way to Sparta


“Course: A+. This was honestly one of the best courses I’ve ever run…. They made incredible use of the natural terrain, not only in utilizing the hills, but in creating a clearly designated course with the use of natural elements. The course provided a great challenge for even the elite athletes, while still offering the opportunity for even a beginner to get out on the course and feel comfortable with non-competitive waves and breaking the course into stages.”

Brad Kloha
COO, OCR World Championships


“Mud Guts & Glory is awesome! The course has unique obstacles that combine running, strength, and ability to maneuver difficult obstacles, testing an athlete’s overall fitness more than most other obstacle races that I have competed in. And not only is the course spectacular, the workers and volunteers are always smiling and happy to help.”

Amy Pajcic
Elite OCR athlete + American Ninja Warrior competitor


“Hands down, my favorite race time and time again. MGG is a top-notch course and definitely should be on any OCR athlete’s bucket list. For those new to the sport or simply wanting to try out ‘one of those mud runs,’ MGG will set the bar high. It’s a difficult but doable course.”

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick